Don’t Stop Believing..

I am a child of the 80’s. I mentioned Prince in an earlier post and Journey was another key part of my life as a teen. Songs are emotional for me as they bring back strong memories of times past.  They are like an audio memory clip of emotions. From fun times listening to Beastie Boys in my Best friend Kim’s Escort to heartbreak and young love for Journey’s Faithfully. It is so strong that if I close my eyes, I can see times where I was when songs were played. It is the reason why my love for almost all music is so deep.

This post is a hard one for me. Just a little over 2 weeks ago we were at Phyllis’s 70th birthday. Today she is struggling and suffering. My dad asked me to make sure that we play 2 songs for her at her service, Jamie Johnson’s Lead Me Home and Bette Midler’s The Rose. For those that know me, I have a strong dislike for country music. It makes me sad. I listen to music to make me happy and dance. Most country music makes me want to drink whiskey, maybe that’s why my dad likes it so much. So, having that song as a memory for Phyllis will be difficult. As for the Rose, this was the song her and my dad had played at their wedding by your’s truly. I played piano while someone sang the song.  I cannot sing. My daughter tells me that daily as I embarrass her on the way into school in front of the girls we carpool with. But the Rose will always have a bittersweet memory with it.

With everything that is happening, I believe in my faith. I believe that whatever happens, he will give me the strength to get through what comes our way. He hasn’t let me down in the past so I am trusting him now.

Update on Phyllis for April 3rd.

She has declined rapidly since her birthday. She can no longer process her food/formula and she has started to take Morphine. She is struggling to breathe and as of today we are told she doesn’t have much time left. I ask all of you to keep my dad in your prayers. Also, my brothers, John and Bryan, and our families. While I have hope that somehow she would pull through this, I also have peace in knowing that if she doesn’t, she won’t struggle and suffer anymore.

I struggle being an hour away. I will be at their home tonight just be there for my dad. The hardest part for me is not being able to do anything.


I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who sent flowers, cards, well wishes. She was showered in love and support. She had smiles around that night.

Peace, love and blessings

2 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believing..

  1. This breaks my heart. Throughout my youth Phyllis and your dad were always around. From birthdays to christmas, vacations and more. They are both are two of the largest hearted people I have ever known. They have diligently donated their time, money, and efforts to better the community and help friends, neighbors, and anyone needing assistance. I pray things turn around for Phyllis and your dad. I pray the pain is taken away from Phyllis and that she may be comfortable. Please if you guys need anything feel free to contact either myself or and of my family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers


  2. So agree, since I’ve known her (and from people who’ve k own her all their lives), Phyllis has always been ‘there’ for her family, and not just her own boys, but neices, nephew’s, sisters, brothers, everyone in any way she could..And she and Butch make a wonderful couple and I’ll be keeping you all-star and eapecially Butch, John and Bryan & you Lisa- in prayer for peace…If God gives her a miraculous recovery, or if He takes her home..She’s heaven bound eventually with that huge 💓. Peace & comfort to Phyllis, to all of you and all others who alao love her (I know that’s alot!!)


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